What does love mean to you?

 The best thing that makes any human being to live with happiness is when he/she feels loved. So does love really matter in our life? Yes love matters in our life. Because without love we are nothing than something that exists and that is not useful, human being without spirit. With love everything is possible. (God is love). Many people have their way to define love.  We are going to direct you to different love s acceptations or definitions and how we can do when we feel unloved .

 There are multiples definitions of love, but only one has their emanation (God, yes God is love)
Tony says that love means giving your life for others, because love is unconditional. That is beautiful! The meaningful word that should be used to define love is God.
Sarah says that love is everything whose we need. Yes without love you do not really live
Audrey says that love means to her, mutual respect. in other words, love me i love you too or as i love you, you love me back. We can let us love each other. The world full of love definitively, the peace would reign wherever.
Selviana says that, love others as God loves you.
Someone else says that love is all. For example, getting out of bed to make her a cup of tea before you get up on a cold morning. Taking out a trash instead of her. Changing the baby nappies at 4 or 5 AM instead of her. Giving flowers without any need to. Saying sorry even it is not your fault. Doing the cleaning and cooking even you are not best at it. Respecting her privacy. Making sure you respect boundaries before marriage and after. consider God as head of your relationship. And so you could go on and on. Love is doing something more than feeling, to conclude.

  Very interesting to know that love is unconditional, strong. unselfish, patience, kindness and believing in the truth does not hold onto any evil doing and does not keep score of wrongs or rights. Love is between man and woman and it is not ignorant. Loving God first to become as one. Brandy says.
 Love is not arrogant because it patient and kind. Love is not irritable or resentful. Love does not have the end. Love is not blind or foolish, but understanding to a degree gracious and mature. Love is wanting what is best for others persons even if their happiness will hurt you. God is the definition of love because He first loves us. That is beautiful feeling rather expressing it should be experiencing it. Salvation is when true love is put in God, the rest would fall in place.
  If you feel unloved, the next thing to do is to be patient and to have the trust in itself. Because love is sacrifice, that we cannot receive the same good at the same time that we fight for others. But along the way someone would rescue you too, with unconditional love, this forever. Have we thought about protecting someone when he/she is in danger? Yeah, love is also protection. when we do it for others, we definitively feel loved one day by people who would appreciate us for what we would have done for them.
  Love is me you and others without exception. Love is God. God is into us. Love is the key for our life to live in peace and so God is.

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